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The wettest I can remember for a very long time, that's for sure, so making the most of the great outdoors has been something of a challenge.

Not to be bullied into hibernation by the climate, me and mine headed to the North Yorkshire Moors for some dreary sightseeing. 

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 Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

Even Dalby Forest, in all its majesty, could barely summon daylight for us. If we parents were to suffer, then we might as well make sure the kids suffered too, so a 5 mile walk provided the perfect antidote to a fun day out for them.

Even Mister Rabbit set aside his vegetable plot-induced differences with Mr McGregor, as a result of the incessant downpours. And lets' face it, if a rabbit is miserable at Easter, what chance do the rest of us have?

We loved the gardens and the tour of the house at Nunnington Hall (and not ONLY because it was dry inside).

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The one and only saving grace for the week was the presence of an indoor swimming pool at our holiday cottage complex. It was just another form of wet, after all, if a little more pleasant.

Whilst the misery of cold, damp and downright spooky forests were less than tempting for the youngsters, they did provide a moody backdrop for some portraits.

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The elegant lady below was by far the most happy and well-dressed member of the general public we encountered all week. One must appreciate the attention to detail of Treesa's (not her real name) lipstick, beads and nipple combo. Outstanding.

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Happy Easter. I do hope yours was better.