Knaresborough, a bride and a lot of long grass - styled photo shoot

Stunning evening light and the shade of a tree brought zing to model Issy's beautiful brown eyes for this bridal portrait

Issy is a friend's daughter. Her perfect brown eyes and youthful skin are priceless material for a wedding photographer seeking a model for a bridal shoot, and thankfully she agreed to my demands.

I had been in nearby Knaresborough recently with the kids for a summer picnic beside the river. On that day, I had happened across a 'perfect' spot whilst walking the dogs down a side path. I knew immediately that I wanted to come back with a bride, and since I don't have a Knaresborough wedding booked, I thought I'd better get on with it myself (before the grass gets cut!)

The passing dog walkers were intrigued to find a lonely bride in the filed on their evening constitutional stroll!

So, model - check. Flowers - check (donated by a friend). All I needed was a dress and a make-up/hair artist. The latter were both provided, with spectacular finesse, by Chrys Spaulding-Chapman, using Laura Mercier cosmetics. The dress, my own, dusted off for a fresh outing, and looking damn fine if I may say so myself.

The river bends 180 degrees at this point in Knaresborough, providing a still and perfect backdrop for a reflective wedding portrait.

Issy's easy quality in front of the camera made this shoot a breeze. The water lovingly offered up a reflective surface for a reflective portrait, and the evening sun just did its thing without any fuss.

Blue hyacinths and the longest grass I can remember seeing provided perfect simplicity for Issy to drag her gown and train in to the distance for a wider shot

The field of incredibly long tufty grass is completely surrounded by enormous banks of trees, creating this incredible 'enclosed' atmosphere. Isolating Issy from the background using a long focal length helps to emphasise her delicacy against nature's backdrop.

The final shots of the day were at dusk as the sun fell below the horizon. Gnats were buzzing around and the evening light presented us with a beautiful rim light around Issy's gown

We shot for two full hours, and the sun breathed its last as we finished our final images. There were gnats buzzing about our heads like fireflies as it grew darker, whilst the low sun highlighted and accentuated the tulle outer skirt on Issy's gown.

Laughter in the old cow sheds for a few more relaxed poses as we left the shoot just before dark

A passer-by reminded us (helpfully) that we were standing in a pig pen, which seemed fitting in an expensive wedding dress! Made us smile though!

The engagement ring nestled amongst eucalyptus leaves to show off its vintage sparkle

The vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring nestled amongst a handful of eucalyptus leaves - the details at any wedding are all important.

Playing with the veil may have ruined Issy's hair but it was fun to capture a partially concealed portrait

As the day came to an end, some veil adjustments became an opportunity for playful portraits. A partially concealed bride is, traditionally, the way every good wedding begins, so why not re-create the moment even if the groom has not yet met the bride?