Natural light and babies

Newborn baby S finally found enough peace to allow a cuddle with big sister L. The girls were adorned in daisy chains by their mum, who was a picture of calmness as she soothed newborn S back to sleep a dozen times

When I booked this newborn shoot at the client's home, new mum V was anxious to let me know that her house was not roomy or spacious. Tiny, in fact, she said. She helpfully sent me photos of the living room and bedroom, which confirmed her concerns about space. What she may not have realised was that I was only looking for good light, and the bedroom had a gorgeous bay window. 

Pretty in apricot, little tiny S wore this headband and wrap combo well. Her little frowny face rarely left her, even when she was sleeping peacefully, but mum assured me this seemed to be the normal expression!

After a fair bit of sweat and jiggery-pokery, the iron bedstead was manoeuvered 90 degrees to remove the headboard cross-bars from blocking the light, and I borrowed mum's perfect ready-made backdrop of a hand painted apricot-coloured bi-fold screen into position. All we now needed was a quiet baby and yes, you've guessed it, she screamed the place down! Food, food and more food please mummy!

Baby S took up a naturally curled position on the bed - she seemed comfortable at last, so it seemed wrong to disturb her nap! A quick headband change and shooooott!!

It was definitely a case of feed, rock, burp and lay-her-down-quickly-so-we-can get-a few-shots on this particular shoot. Very little prop work or accessories were appropriate with S being so unsettled, but I think we managed to do her justice.

Teeny tiny ears, lips, fingers and toes are always the scrummy part of my job.