Yorkshire wedding photographer


I am embarrassingly sentimental. I prefer to work in natural light with natural, relaxed people. My images are feminine and unashamedly romantic because a) that seems to be my style, and b) I am a girl.

In return for employing me you will be rewarded with a bespoke, 'handmade by me’ gallery. I will spend a great deal of time perfecting your images digitally in a way that brings out the best in them and fits with the eyesome brand/style. 

I always take you for a cuppa before we do anything. You need to like me & I need to know all about your motivations for wanting to hand over your hard-won cash in exchange for pictures. I like to think I know a little about you before we shoot, and I always know a lot more about you by the time we've finished.

I work to suit my large family's needs, so my weekends are not crammed with weddings from here to eternity, allowing me the opportunity to never get bored, and the freedom to dedicate a little more time to creating beautiful images for you.

Making people happy is addictive. I will tell the whole story of who you are and what you mean to each other in images - this is my privilege.


My name is Helen Spencer. 

I’m getting on a bit, have 6 kids/step-kids, 2 mutts, a handful of chickens, one lizard and a cat named Tarzan (the latter not been seen for 6 months but apparently alive, well and enjoying the good life).

I am a wine snob and a fitness buff who still manages to be a little bit fat (maybe the two are connected?)

I love the idea of camping but I can’t hack roughing it so we never go.

I am obsessed with Scandi crime dramas, audiobooks and musical films.

I like my home and garden tidy, but they never are. Refer to point 1.

All the right kids, not necessarily in the right order.

All the right kids, not necessarily in the right order.

Many years of corporate life and suppressed creativity eventually bubbled over, and these days it spews out at the general public in the form of photography services in exchange for cash.

The 'eyesome' name is a good olde worde, meaning 'pleasing to look at, visually attractive'. If it suits my photography, then it’s mission accomplished. 


I am based in North Yorkshire, and as such, most of my work is also in this area. That said, I will always travel for wedding cake.

pretty bridesmaids all in a row


There are two things to say here:-

1. I do this for love, (but not for free any more!)

2. A lot of hours go in to the post-production and editing of the images which I create. My prices are pitched to ensure that they cover time and costs, plus a little on top because I believe that my end product is worth it.


Weddings, like brides, come in all shapes and sizes and as such, it’s much easier to give a specific price for you once I understand the amount of my time and type of collection/end products you hope to receive. Budget £1600 for a full day up to 12 hours, and expect to deduct or add for less (or more) hours. Prices always include all the high resolution digital image files and a full online gallery.

I don’t ‘bundle’ wedding packages to include albums, unless you specifically ask me to. I firmly believe that you need to see your gallery before you can decide how you want to utilise your images. This may be an album (and I am happy to oblige with a wide range of top notch products), but until you have selected your favourites you cannot possibly know how many pages your album will need in order to accommodate your choices. So, my advice - set aside an album budget for later if you know you want to go down this route.

Family & Newborn Photography

Pricing starts from £150 (shoot only) but can also be adjusted to include a full set of digital image files. A full online password-protected gallery of your images is always provided.

To check out some of my work, go here.

Yorkshire wedding photographer


"Helen made our wedding day unbelievably relaxed. There was no standing around for hours posing with every conceivable combination of family members, or awkward cheesy kisses; she was almost invisible, and the final images are to die for. We cannot thank you enough."
P & K

"She was so good with the children too...lots of patience...which really got the best out of them. We have some truly lovely pictures that we'll treasure forever. I can't recommend Helen enough - she is one talented lady! x"

Julia T

"Everyone loves Helen's work. She has an incredibly artistic eye and spends hours refining her images to perfect them for customers. If you like creative photography, rather than your bog-standard 'say-cheese' on a white background, what are you waiting for?!"


"We absolutely love the pictures. I keep going back to look at them! You have really captured the kids perfectly. So many fantastic shots. Sooo happy - had a tear in my eye."

"What was supposed to be a photo shoot just turned out to be a nice walk in the park. How she managed to turn THAT into THIS is quite beyond me. Outstanding."

Katie E